The visits of the field debt collector

Are sent letters and telephones ineffective? Use your last chance to reach an amicable agreement. Rely on a professional field debt collector. Direct recovery is not intended to intimidate the debtor. Quite the opposite – the visits of the field debt collector are to make the bailiff’s intervention unnecessary.

Is the debtor still not paying back?

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Both parties should care about finding a way to settle their debts amicably. In negotiations with the debtor, the technique, arguments and experience that the financial or legal department employees do not always have are important. An additional obstacle may be friendly relations between the employees of the supplier and persons representing the debtor, established in the period of previous correct cooperation.

This makes it very difficult to enforce financial claims. Increasingly, direct recovery is the last chance to recover money. It gives the opportunity to avoid additional costs of recovery and the risk of failure, and above all counteracts the arbitrariness of debtors. It is better to entrust debt collection to an experienced debt collection company. Especially since court proceedings can be expensive.

Field debt collectors

At the stage of direct debt collection, field debt collectors verify data enabling contact with the debtor, such as: place of residence and place of work. Then they visit and conduct environmental interviews. This allows you to determine the personal, family and property situations of the indebted person. This information serves as the basis for determining the terms of repayment of the debt. As part of field debt collection, employees of a debt collection company may meet the debtor directly at his place of residence, to provide him with a payment request when he does not receive correspondence addressed to him.

Provision on the authorization

If the debt collector has a provision on the authorization to act on behalf of the creditor regarding the possibility of collecting payments directly from the debtor, he may request the payment by him. Remember, the field debt collector should take actions at the debtor’s place of residence on weekdays from 7:00 to 21:00, and on other days of the week and public holidays from 8:00 to 20:00.

If it is not possible to find the debtor in the said hours or at his request, it is possible to act at a different time. For each payment of cash, the field debt collector issues a receipt with the date of acceptance of the payment, the exact amount, with the signature of the debt collector, the stamp of the debt collection company and the case number for which the funds will be credited.