Loan Money for Wood Stove

What is nicer than a stove in winter? It is good for the indoor climate and gives comfort to the whole house. They are just not cheap and a good stove can quickly cost from USD 15,000 onwards.

Money the few Danes have in the account and unless you want to do without, you should borrow money for a wood stove. You can apply for free and no obligation online. See your 3 best loan options here.

Financing new stove

Financing new stove

A wood stove can be a good investment for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean the bank wants to lend you a loan of $ 15,000 or $ 50,000.

We have made a top 3 with the best and cheapest loan options for you who lack money for a new stove. We know how much credit costs can differ and therefore you should apply to at least 2 of them.

Top 3 Loan Options Online

Bank Good Finance is our personal favorite as long as you are over 23 and have a permanent job. They have low interest rates, making them one of the cheapest on the online market.

Loan and Credit loans are the news in 2016, with low interest rates and a fast approval process. You get a quick response and most can be approved by them. You must be at least 20 years old

Good Credit has been a popular provider in Denmark since 2000. One of the most serious and skilled providers in the online market, where you can also get accounts, refinancing and other financial services. They are more your 2nd bank than a normal loan company.

Apply for free and no obligation at all 3 to find the cheapest financing new stove.

Types of stoves

Types of stoves

If you are missing the money but have not fully settled on the type or model, read the next sections. There is a wealth of wood burning stoves, and Good Finance makes you wiser about the many forms below. It can give you an overview of exactly how many choices you actually have:

  • Freestanding and built-in stoves
  • cast iron stoves
  • Tile ovens: Brick with tiles or tiles
  • Wood Pellet Ovens: Uses wood pellets, an electronic solution

Which model is right for you depends solely on your needs and a bit on your current home. In some cases, it may impose restrictions, but your wishes and budget should play a significant role in the decision-making process.

As we have mentioned, it can cost you anywhere from 15,000 to 50,000 USD, depending on which variant you choose. So it’s all about making it all fit together; budget, needs and type.

Freestanding vs. built

There are many types of wood burning stoves on the market and you can especially distinguish between the free-standing and the built-in. The freestanding ones are the ones found in the vast majority of homes, while the built-in ones are a more modern solution as it looks smarter in terms of design. Here they can be built into the wall.

Wood burning stove tips

Wood burning stove tips

We will end with a number of good tips for use if this is your first time. This way you can avoid making the normal mistakes that you often make at the beginning:

  • Use only dry wood
  • Turn down the air when it is running
  • Stack firewood and sticks in a triangle
  • Remember to close the door – watch out for the toxic smoke!

If you would like to get started borrowing money for a stove, feel free to do so through us. We showcase the best and cheapest providers online so you can find a good solution for your needs.